Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haunted House Update

Interesting, if not scary, doings at my house.  I'll start with the scratches.  The other day, I went to say goodbye to my partner before going to work.  He was sleeping in the family room in the basement and mentioned that he felt some pain.  Upon investigation, we found two sets of scratch marks on his body.  He suggested he may have scratched himself; however, in order for that to have happened, he'd need to be a contortionist or double jointed (he's neither).  And the scratches themselves were narrow and bunched in lines of from an animal. 

Then there was the extremely loud footfall in the living room while we were watching TV.  No explanation for it except that maybe some spirit was feeling neglected.  Or a child throwing a temper tantrum and stomping her foot. 

And finally, there's the backyard.  You may remember that my son had seen a full-body apparition (of a little girl) in the backyard, near the tiered birdbath/mini-fountain.  The ghost hunter folks also recorded a funky orb floating around the backyard when they were here.  Well, a few days ago, I woke up to find the birdbath tipped over and the fountain part broken.  Punk kids screwing around?  Unlikely.  Animals?  Maybe, but if it was a cat or squirrel or something, you'd think it would have happened before.  Additionally, the rope tethering the bird feeder which hangs from a nearby branch keeps breaking.  It's not being chewed nor is it structurally weak.  It just...breaks.

So the activity in my house hasn't stopped, it's just gotten selective.  I plan on doing a sweep of the house with my digital camera to see if anything pops up.  I'll keep you posted. 

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