Friday, May 30, 2014

Haunted House Update

This one's just plain freaky. 

So I got home earlier today after meeting friends for lunch and was toying with the idea of a nap when the doorbell rang.  I thought perhaps one of my friends had dropped by (although this made no sense because I knew they were heading out of town).  At any rate, it took me no more than 15 seconds to reach the door and when I opened it, nobody there.  If someone had rang it and ran away, I would have still seen them.  I chalked it up to mechanical trouble and went back inside. 

Then it ran again.  A glance out the window confirmed what I already knew...nobody there.  That's when things got weird. 

Our doorbell is one of those wireless deals that you can program with different chimes.  It came with two buttons.  The only one we're using, the one by the front door is programmed for a simple, single note.  Now, after the second ring, a third came...but this time instead of a single note, it played Heart of Dixie (you know, like General Lee's horn on The Dukes of Hazzard).  A few seconds after that, it played a Christmas jingle.  The next and final phantom chime was your basic "bing-bong." 

I decided I had an errand to run and left.  Since I've been back home, the doorbell has remained silent.  If there was an electrical or mechanical fault, it should still be intermittently chiming.  It's not.  If it starts up again in the middle of the night, me and whatever is in this house will have words.


  1. Technically you just had s soda...

  2. hah! (to Scott's comment)