Monday, June 14, 2010

A Psychic Visits My Haunted House...

I struggled with whether or not to call in a psychic. The alleged attacks on my son eventually prompted me to do so. She's the daughter of a friend of mine from work and from everything I'd heard, she was the real deal. And so she was.

I met her at the door and invited her in. My son came out of his room and stopped dead. He was surprised how young and attractive she was. Remember, my son is 19. Anyway, as soon as she saw him, she said it's not the house that's the problem. She'd brought along a notebook and pen so she could jot down her impressions as she went through the house room by room. But when she saw my son, she said she didn't need it because she didn't need to go through the house. Apparently, an entity, not a former person who has died, was attached to him. And had been since he was a little boy. He's not possessed, but rather occasionally influenced by it. Yes, I will say it now: it is a demon.

Now, anyone who has knowledge of such things will understand there is a hierrarcy when it comes to these kind of beings. Just like there are with angels (angels, archangels, guardian angels, etc.) demons have a pecking order. According to the psychic, the one that had attached itself to my son was quite low in this order and not terribly powerful. She's dealt with stronger ones and told us some stories that would curl your toes.

My partner joined us and the four of us talked for quite a while. She did a reading for my partner that was so accurate it freaked me out. My reading wasn't quite as clear, but the spirits she described around me made perfect sense (my brother and also a dear old friend). Eventually, we came back around to my son who'd been sitting quietly during this. When the psychic wanted to try a quick experiment with some holy water (blessed by the Pope himself), my son's eyes became...strange. Can't explain it so I won't try. Anyway, she dabbed the back of his hand with the water and asked if he felt anything. He said he didn't. But today he confided to me that he had. He said his had hand tingled, kind of like an electric shock. After this, we got down to serious business.

Rememeber from my previous posts that my son refused to go upstairs and positively would not go into the walk-in closet up there. The psychic said the demon liked to hide there sometimes (when she first went into this closet, she said it made her dizzy and not feel so well). I wasn't keen on this news since I sleep roughly ten feet from the closet. So we set about getting rid of the evil little bugger.

She had my son make the sign of the cross with the holy water on every door and say that this was his house and that it had to leave. She followed him with a sage smudge stick, using an eagle feather to waft the cleansing smoke into the rooms. She then annointed two guardian angel medals with the holy water and we buried one in the front yard and the other in the back. That was it. I brought up Zelda Rubinsteins's line from Poltergeist, "This house is clean!" and we had a good-natured laugh.

Did it work? Well, today I was upstairs in my room and I heard someone creaking up the steps. I figured it was my partner. But it was my son. He then proceeded to go into the walk-in closet. No trepidation at all. And when we went out and about together, I just couldn't believe how calm and collected he acted. I can't say he was a different person because he wasn't, but he was much more like the person I know he is.

He says he still feels a heaviness in his room and told me he doesn't think it's over yet. Maybe. But having a psychic who is so personable and funny and...nice on speed dial makes any future troubles a lot less worrisome.

Now, those who think I'm gullible or naive, let me mention a few things. This psychic refuses to charge people and even suggested that if we wanted more in-depth readings we're to just give her a call. Again, gratis. And in a quick palm reading, she nailed my partner's deepest fear as well as my own. She told me she loves shows like Ghost Hunters because they do everything they can to debunk reports of paranormal activity. She also brought up that many instances where one feels watched can be attributed to high electromagnetic fields and suggested I get a detector to check out my house.

So was my haunted? Absolutely. Is it still? Only time will tell...

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Sounds like you found yourself a light-being psychic. I send blessings to you, your son, your partner, your house, your yard, your psychic. And peace to the friendly ghost who was maybe being blamed for something not of his doing. Poor ghost.