Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horror Film Review

Silk (2006): When I saw this movie was a Tartan Asia Extreme DVD, I jumped. Trust me, whether it's action or horror, if you see the TAE label, you're in for something intense. Silk is no exception. That said, this is a damned strange film.

It starts out with scientists (lead by a crippled Hashimoto) hiring a chubby Canadian photographer to shoot pics of a vacant apartment with some kind of hi-tech, instant film. Right after he captures the image of a boy huddling in a corner, the poor hosehead keels over screaming. His contorted face suggests he died of fright. Beauty, eh?

So the scientists are working on anti-gravity technology and created something called a Menger Sponge that absorbs different kinds of electromagnetic energy. How exactly this device does what it does isn't terribly important. What is important, though, is that the scientists use it to trap the ghost of the boy in the corner, but when they can't figure out who he is or what he's saying when he silently moves his lips, they call in a specialist. The specialist is Tung, sort of a super-cop who can read lips and notices details most everyone else misses. After Tung starts figuring things out, the movie shifts into high gear and stays there.

I've tried to write more on what happens next but finally gave up and deleted those paragraphs.  Why?  Because the explanations involved made the post longer than War and Peace.  Let me just say I've never run into a movie that's been this difficult to review.  That's my deficiency, though, and shouldn't reflect poorly on the film. 


Acting:  Strong performances, believable characters. 
Story:  Utterly bizarre.  There's absolutely no way this science fiction-esque story should work as horror, but it does.  Unique is good. 
Direction:  A little lazy at first but it tightens up in a hurry. 
Production values:  As with most Asian horror, high.  It looks and feels like it could have come out of Hollywood (but thank God it didn't). 
Gore:  Very light.  Those with weak stomachs shouldn't have much trouble. 
Ending:  Um...different.  I will say it's not awful. 
Verdict:  Should you see it?  Yes.  Expand your horror horizons.  And so you know I practice what I preach, my next horror film to review will be from India.  Later, I'll be watching a zombie flick from Greece.

My Rating:  4 out of 5

I almost why is it entitled Silk?  That's one of the bizarre parts you'll need to see to believe.

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