Sunday, August 1, 2010

Horror Film Review

The New Daughter (2009): When you think of horror, Kevin Costner isn't the first person that normally springs to mind. So I was intrigued and more than a little dubious. Everything about it screamed "paycheck movie." But hey, it is Kevin Costner so I knew at the very least the acting and production values wouldn't suck. And I was right. The idea behind the story isn't new. Recently divorced Costner moves to a large house on an acreage with his teenage daughter and young son. The kids find a large mound on the property (looks like a big ant hill) and the daughter develops a strange fascination with it. There's a professor to explain that there were ancient rituals performed involving transforming girls into the new "queen" of the tribe. Or some such craziness. What surprised about this film was how dark it was. With Costner involved, you wouldn't expect so much violence. Don't get me wrong, much of it is well done and genuinely scary. But unfortunately, it all falls apart at the climax.
The ending? It's one of those that piss me off. They don't give you anything positive to hold on to. Don't read the next sentence if you plan on seeing it. Everybody dies.
Should you watch it? If you like super dark endings, sure. I paid a buck for it and don't feel robbed. of 5

Rating:  3 out of 5

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