Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Horror Film Review

Death's Door (2008):  Haunted house flick!  Sort of.  Hey, it sounds better than 'Haunted TV studio flick.'  Looks like someone with muddy shoes stomped all over this movie poster.  They do say, though, that you can't judge a book by its cover.  Then again, sometimes you can.

Chuck (Sewell Whitney) produces a fake seance TV show with his wife Eve (Kristin Pfeifer), cheats on said wife with a buxom blond assistant, and will do almost anything to up his ratings.  He books a fundamentalist radio preacher (Ryan Ramos) who has been suspected of killing his brother.  The medium, Madame Camille (Alicia Petrides) has been in on the con for so long, she's forgotten she truly has a psychic gift.  The seance opens a door to the other side and, pardon the cliche, all hell breaks loose.

This is a low-budget cheapie has the look of a made-for-TV movie and frankly, confused me.  Is there more than one pissed off spirit and if so, who are they and why are they killing off the crew?  Is the preacher possessed or just a conduit for the evil?  And who (or what) is Camille's assistant?  Ultimately, the movie wasn't good enough for the confusion to bother me too much. 

The Breakdown

Acting:  Pretty bad.  Whitney, Pfeifer, and Ramos were particularly awful.  Petrides is all ham.
Story:  I liked the idea.  Just wish it wasn't half-baked.
Direction:  All over the place.  About as cohesive as a bag of horny cats.
Production Values:  Thrifty would be kind. 
Gore/FX:  There is some moderately decent blood but it looks like black cherry Kool-Aid. 
The Ending:  Not what I expected.  At all.  I've only ever seen one other horror movie that ended like this.  It was called April Fools Day.  The title should be a clue.
The Verdict:  Should you watch Death's Door?  Nah.  If you want angry spirits, then Fragile is the movie for you.

My Rating2 out of 5 stars.

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