Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Fairy Tale...my novel, finally.

A Fairy Tale started with a vague idea that turned into seven pages of story. Originally, a guy was going to walk into a bar and discover a portal to a world of swords and sorcery and elves and such. I put the pages away for better than seven years, not writing another word. I'm not sure what made me pick them up again, but I did, and a few years later, here we are. What's it about? Well...when publishing it as an eBook, I had to choose categories in which it might fit and came up with Horror and Thriller. And Fantasy and Adventure. And Humor. Yeah, a little something for everyone.

Okay, so around 10,000 years ago, there was a terrifying battle waged on earth between two races of beings that were most definitely not human. The bad guys lost, of course, but the the survivors became trapped in the ground and went into a kind of hibernation. These beings are creatures that look like every demon and monster described throughout antiquity. And then, they wake up.

The story follows Michael, an epileptic millionaire who blames himself for the accident that killed his younger brother. He is a very reluctant hero who's self-hatred and cynicism could stand in the way of fulfilling his role as The Chosen One. We also follow Seth, a young Native American man who works in Yellowstone National Park along with his boss Barb Brubaker (aka Barbarella Ballbreaker). Yellowstone is where it all starts, where the first creature wakes up and causes all kinds of trouble. Supporting players are Dr. Finkelstein, a cranky coroner who smokes like a chimney in January, and Aggie, an elderly psychic with a taste for Canadian beer. There's even a story thread following the President of the United States and his efforts to keep the country and world from falling into the hands of these demons from hell.

I tried very hard to make A Fairy Tale a funny, horror/action novel and from what I've heard from those who have read it, I've succeeded. You can read the first half of the book for free and then decide if it's worth the asking price (cheap!). You can find it by clicking on the title of this post or on the book's cover to the right. Enjoy!

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