Friday, January 28, 2011

Haunted House Update

My haunted house has been pretty quiet lately.  I blame the cold weather.  But I say pretty quiet, not mute.  Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in the living room, typing on my laptop when I heard a very loud thump as if someone had dropped something heavy.  There of course was no one around and nothing had fallen.  If it had happened at night, I probably would have needed to fetch a clean pair of britches.

My partner has heard music when there wasn't music and last night, had quite a jolt.  He was asleep in the family room in the basement when he felt a tap on his shoulder and someone said, "Hey."  He thought it was me.  I was at work.  He flipped out a bit when he realized it wasn't me and actually screamed.  According to him, the voice was weird.  Not really human. 

To me, it sounds like whatever is sharing my house with us is begging for attention for reasons I don't understand.  I just hope it doesn't pitch a fit if we don't react the way it wants us to. 

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