Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haunted House Update

So last night I was in the living room, headphones plugged into the laptop watching some British TV shows we don't get in America.  My partner was at the computer in the dining room, also with headphones on and listening to something on the Internet.  The living and dining rooms are actually one large room, by the way.  Anyway, I heard a loud crash come from his general direction.  First thought:  he knocked a chair over or maybe fell (the floors are uncarpeted hardwood so falling stuff is loud).  He heard the same noise but thought I'd fallen out of my chair. 

We looked at each other questioningly, took off our respective headphones, and said about what you'd expect.  "Did you hear that?"  "What was it?"  "I thought you fell over."  "I thought you did."  A few more seconds of staring and then the inspection.  No one was knocking at either door.  Nothing had fallen.  I checked the basement (the rabbits were not agitated like they usually are if there's a loud noise) and everything was fine upstairs.  So...

Yep.  It's a strange one. Could be the spirit sharing my house saw us both glued to computers, headphones doffed, and simply wanted some attention.  Or maybe she tripped and fell.  That would be interesting...a clumsy ghost. 


  1. Hey Nate,
    Have you looked up the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps for what your house was on prior to it being built (i.e. if a business or something was there prior to it being residential)? I use those all the time at work looking up property histories but don't have access to the SD ones. Paula

  2. Hi. Thanks for the info. I looked up SFI maps for SD and they're not available to view online. Would I need to go to the library to see them?