Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haunted House Update

Things are picking up, paranormal-wise.  There's the window, of course, but now it's the noises.  Ubiquitous thumps and creaks and bangs that have no logical origin.  Last weekend, my son and I were watching the movie Unstoppable (very good, by the way).  He was lying on the couch, I was in my chair, when I heard a muffled yet distinctive thump come from behind the couch.  Now, the couch isn't against a wall, rather it straddles the living and dining rooms and acts as sort of a divider.  My son looked behind it, thinking maybe something had fallen, but there was nothing there.  No explanation was forthcoming.

Additionally, I hear creaks that sound exactly like footfalls on the hardwood floor, but no one is there.  I know, this sounds terribly familiar.  And it is.  The thing is, the frequency and intensity is increasing.  Honestly, it isn't bothering me too much.  But if I start catching glimpses of shadows or start hearing disembodied voices, well...that's a whole other cup of creepy. 

Stay tuned.

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