Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haunted House Update

I mentioned previously that when I used to go to bed, a series of taps would come from the corner of my bedroom.  They came every night like clockwork.  Then they just stopped.  No complaints from me.  The newest thing now is a single hearty bang coming from the wall behind my bed.  Like before, I just start to doze a little when it comes.  I tried doing the "shave and a haircut" routine to elicit some kind of response without success. 

Last night, my partner was in the dining room and said he heard someone moving around in the kitchen.  I was in the living room and my son was taking a shower.  Our shower isn't in the kitchen so that ruled him out. 

Later last night, my son was in the living room with me.  He was wearing a tank top.  As I'm talking to him, I see his arm and shoulder suddenly break out in goosebumps.  I've never seen that happen before.  Freaky.  Anyway, it was 76 degrees in the room with no cold draft from an air conditioner or open window present.  Some say contact with spirits can cause cold chills and therefore goosebumps.  Maybe.  I know it happens a lot to the dudes on Ghost Adventures

There have also been the assorted taps and knocks and footsteps that I've come to regard as background noise.  I'm afraid it might get to the point that if the spirit wants to get my attention she'll need to materialize as a full-body apparition right in front of me.  I'd welcome this if I didn't think I'd wet myself.

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