Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Haunted House Update

There's been some things going on.  Well, two things, really.  But they're pretty impressive.  One night last week I was lying in bed, my plug-in air purifier doing its white noise thing, when the voices started.  At first, I convinced myself it was just matrixing (that thing where your brain tries to make sense out of background noise).  Then I realized I was listening to a conversation but it was like hearing it through a door a room away.  No specific words.  So...the TV downstairs or a radio, right?  Nope and nope.  Everything was off.  Eventually, I mumbled something about please shutting up so I can sleep and then I drifted off.  Haven't heard it since.

Then a few days ago, my partner was sitting in a chair with a blanket.  He said someone kept tugging at it, trying to pull it off of him.  He also said he was convinced there was someone else in the house with us.  Darting shadows and the sense of another presence. 

Creepy stuff but not terribly scary.  Okay...maybe a little scary.

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