Sunday, July 29, 2012

Haunted House Update

A lamp in the basement family room has taken to turning itself on.  Definitely a sign that activity is escalating.  Right after that, an overhead light upstairs burned out.  It was one of those low watt, fluorescent bulbs that are supposed to last like seven years.  Yeah.  Not this one.  Also, at the top of the stairs that go to my bedroom, I hung a framed print.  The "frame" is actually a sheet of thick plastic and four black fasteners, one for each side of the print.  When I walked upstairs to change the bulb that blew, I noticed one of the fasteners had been pulled off the print.  That print has hung there unmolested for about a year.  On the same day a lamp turns itself on and a bulb that shouldn't blow out does, the frame comes apart?  What are the odds? 

Then today I heard a someone loudly exhale when there was nobody around.  It didn't freak me out.  Maybe it should.  Makes me wonder what's next...

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