Saturday, January 12, 2013

Haunted House Update

It's not that there hasn't been activity; no, I've just been too damn lazy to write about it.  So what's new?  Corner of the eye stuff.  Both my partner and I will see movement in our peripheral vision.  And it's always white.  Yeah, I know the cliché...the woman in white.  Every ghost hunting TV Show invariably mentions a woman in white lurking about and scaring hell out of folks.  I can't say if what we're seeing is a woman, man, child, or even polar bear.  It's just movement that shouldn't be there.

The hardwood floors still creak as if someone is walking and yet nobody is there.  This seems to always happen at night when I'm sitting here alone.  Occasionally, he/she/it will take a step right next to my chair.  Yes, I jump but it doesn't really frighten me.  I don't sit here shivering with fear.  It is what it is. 

In my bedroom, I've heard the voices only once in the last few weeks.  It happens after I'm in bed and trying to sleep.  It sounds like a conversation heard through a closed door.  Can't make out what's being said.  I usually have to ask them to be quiet so I can sleep, and they usually listen.  I really do need to get a digital voice recorder...

My partner has seen full body apparitions, although he was on narcotic painkillers at the time so maybe that should be taken with a grain of salt.  I did get a new digital camera and will be sweeping the house with it in an attempt to capture something, anything paranormal.  Stay tuned.

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