Monday, September 23, 2013

Haunted House Update

So last night I'm sitting in the living room reading a book.  My partner comes up from the family room in the basement and says, "There's something going on downstairs."  He'd been lying down when he heard a noise in the laundry room.  A milk crate filled with odds and ends had tipped off of the large tote on which it'd been sitting.  Here's the thing...the crate was not on the edge but right in the middle.  It had sat there undisturbed for years.  Nothing short of a strong earthquake could have jostled it to the point where it would tumble over.  So why, then? Well, turns out my partner was having a problem with God and moments after he voiced his anger, the crate crashed.  He was shaken pretty badly by the incident.  It seems that whatever is sharing our house with us isn't a fan of blasphemy. 

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