Friday, September 5, 2014

Haunted House Update

In horror films, one of the most effective scare tactics is to show a shadowy figure dart across the other side of an open doorway.  It's usually done without a sudden crash of music which, for me anyway, makes it all the more terrifying because real life doesn't have a soundtrack.  With all of this in mind, you can imagine my...consternation when I learned a shadowy figure has been darting across the open doorway of the basement family room.  When this happens, one of the two pet bunnies who roam freely down there can be found standing on her hind legs staring intently at said doorway.  Bunnies stand this way when they suspect danger is afoot and therefore attempt to get a better look to judge the threat level. It's really quite an unnerving sight.  Animals hear better than we do and most can sense when their lives are in jeopardy (it's well known that critters run for their lives many minutes prior to the first rumblings of an earthquake).  On most occasions, the rabbit soon loses interest and wanders away.  A few times, however, she bolted in fear and hid under the couch.  And she'd thump.  You all know Thumper from the Disney film Bambi.  Well, rabbits really do thump like that to warn others of trouble.  Again...unnerving.

Then last night in that gloaming realm between wakefulness and sleep, I had a "dream" about this shadowy figure.  It was an older guy I'd never seen before in my life.  He stood in the doorway to my bedroom, gazed at me for a few seconds with a blank expression, then skittered back into the darkness.  Who needs a cardio workout when shit like that happens?

And finally, there have been the routinely inexpiable creaks, footfalls, and bangs of course.


  1. Hey.... the bunnies okay?

  2. They're fine, thanks. It doesn't happen often enough to get them overly freaked out. Small favors, I guess.