Sunday, May 22, 2016

Haunted House Update

I haven't posted an update of my house's paranormal activity for quite some time simply because there has been nothing to report.  Yeah, well, that's changed.  Why?  I got a new roommate.  And within days of his moving in, he began to experience all manner of crazy shit.  The interesting part is that it doesn't start until after I leave the house for work.  Even more interesting is that it's the same stuff I dealt with when I first moved in.  

He informed me that after I'm gone, it sounds like someone is trying to break in.  The front and back door knobs rattle, the screen doors bang, but there is no one there.  He checks every time.  He also hears someone with heavy footsteps walking around upstairs and then hears those footsteps trudge down the stairs.  Again, no one.  At first, he thought I'd come home from work early.  I had not.  He also hears people talking, random banging, and closed doors opening on their own.  Then there's the tiny attic access door upstairs.  It's in my bedroom.  During the tour when he first moved in, I showed it to him, had him peek at the crawlspace behind it (I think it's cool).  He did not think it was cool.  In fact, being near that door gives him a major case of the freaks.  He now avoids my room as if it were a TB ward.  

There's activity every day.  I gave him the digital voice recorder so he can try to document some of these sounds.  I'll keep you posted.

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