Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Haunted house update - a dark turn of events...

My haunted house hasn't been very active recently, hence my lack of updates. But I've learned a few things in the past day or two that has alternately freaked me out and pissed me off. My son, Mark, casually recounted to me an experience that occurred soon after he moved back in. He said he had gone to bed and almost immediately felt someone (something) also climb into bed with him. There was no one there. This frightened him so much that he ran out of his room all the way to the kitchen. I've experienced this sensation as well and therefore thought of it as just further verification of the presence of a spirit in my home. Then, two days ago, the up-to-now benign behavior of whatever is lingering here changed.

Mark came out of his room, still sleepy, and sat on the couch in the living room. The house was quite warm (I was trying to put off turning on the central air) so Mark wore no shirt. On his left shoulder blade, I noticed a patch of reddened skin roughly the size and shape of a child's handprint. Mark, by the way, is no longer a child. I asked him about it. He had no idea how it could have gotten there. I looked closer. There appeared to be three raised scratch lines that I would have sworn were burn welts. I brushed my fingers across the area. He winced and recoiled. The whole reddened area hurt. I gently laid my hand on it and then on an unaffected part of his back. It was much warmer. I would check it periodically throughout the day only to see it gradually fade away until all that was left was unblemished skin.

You're thinking he scratched himself or unknowingly scraped his back against something which resulted in the wound, aren't you? Sure you are, because I did, too. Then last night, he couldn't sleep and came out of his room to get something to drink. Again, no shirt and he walked by heading toward the kitchen. Needless to say I was shocked see another splotch of red on his back, this time in between his shoulder blades. It was very similar to the other one - scratches, welts, etc. This one didn't hurt, he said, but it was "tingly." And then, mere minutes later when he passed by again, there was an additional scratch about four inches long next to the splotch. An hour later, there wasn't a mark anywhere on his back.

All of this is disturbing enough. But after the marks had departed, he decided to get something to drink and then try sleeping again. On his way back to his room from the kitchen, he paused to say that he saw a girl with brown hair standing in our backyard. The only light back there is motion-activated. When I went to have a look, the yard was dark. Couldn't see a thing.

Did a spirit attack my son and then manifest in the backyard just for him to see? If she was trying to frighten him, she failed miserably. I, however, was slightly freaked out. If this is a ramping up of activity that includes inflicting pain upon my loved ones, this spirit is going to wish it had never died.

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