Friday, May 28, 2010

Again with the haunted house...

So my son and I are in the backyard last night enjoying a fire when he informs me that he doesn't like going upstairs. I should explain that the "upstairs" consists of a small room at the top of the stairs and then traveling through that room, my bedroom. Right before reaching the doorway to my room, there is a door to a walk-in closet. In this closet, on the far wall, is a tiny door that takes you into the attic/crawlspace. When I asked Mark what he felt when going upstairs, he replied, "worried."

We'd been talking about the haunted house when he revealed this. He went on to say that after he'd moved in and had gone upstairs for something, he stopped dead cold in front of the closed closet door. The reason for being there forgotten, he fled back downstairs. He can't explain why he feels creeped out and trust me, we tried coming up with explanations.

I should make clear I have not experienced these same feelings of dread with regards to the closet. Actually, I think it's kind of neat. Maybe something bad happened in there in the past. Maybe that's where the spirit hangs out. I just don't know.

Also by the fire last night, I got a some more information about the girl he said he saw standing in the yard a few nights ago. He said she was wearing a white dress (why are female spirits always wearing a white dress?) and was around six years old. He even pointed out the exact spot where she had stood. We again tried to explain it away logically but came up empty.

One of his bedroom windows faces the backyard and he covers it with a black curtain. A few minutes after we’d finished talking about spooky stuff, I notice he’s staring at his window. He then says, “Did you just see something white in my window?” I said I did not. And no, he’s not messing with my head. He was genuinely nervous after that.

And so it goes...

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