Saturday, July 24, 2010

Haunted House Update...

I sometimes have Zelda in my head saying, "This house is clean." I also sometimes hear, "They're baa-ack!" I don't have a poltergeist in my house, unless he's really lazy or really bad at it. I honestly don't know what I have at this point. Well, yes I do.

My son and I don't really talk anymore and when we do, it's usually me getting on him for something he's done...or hasn't done. He's still wearing my St. Michael medal around his neck but I'm beginning to think it might as well be a silver swastika. And I think the absolute worst part about all of this is that our relationship is turning into the kind I had with my dad, which consisted of the occasional grunt hello or "Dad! Phone!" Yeah. Good times.

I could almost go for a bleeding wall or phantom footsteps right about now. This whole dad thing ain't like they said it would be in the brochure...

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