Sunday, October 31, 2010

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I welcome anyone to post a comment to any of my blog entries.  That said, I spent a long time trying to figure out how best to reply to the comments made on my previous entry.  I started writing a clever, snarky retort that I must say was quite humorous.  I ultimately discarded it in favor of patience and tolerance, which, if you know me, is quite out of character.  The high road, in other words.  Besides, if someone takes the time to write a comment, the least I can do is respond in a serious matter. 

First though, I'd like to mention that as an adult, I've lived in quite a number of different houses in quite a number of different cities in this country and none of them was haunted.  I've been a horror movie fan for nigh on 20 years now and won't apologize for it.  I've been interested in the paranormal and supernatural for the same number of years and have researched the subject.  I have Bachelor's degree in English and am a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.  I am a confirmed Lutheran and despite that fact, do believe in God (I apologize for the snarkiness there).  These are all verifiable facts.

Now, as for the comments made by Anonymous #1:  I'm sorry, but I do have an idea of what powers may or may not be in my home and not just because I say so.  I've had a professional paranormal investigation team visit my house.  I've had a psychic/medium visit my house on more than one occasion.  Perhaps you neglected to read my detailed entries regarding those visits.  Chelsea is not Donna O'Dea and I'm grateful for that.  I've had a session with Ms. O'Dea and the $100 I had to pay yielded very little.  Chelsea, on the other hand, charged me nothing and surprised not only me with her accuracy but a handful of others as well, many of whom were confirmed skeptics.  That you feel I'm promoting demonic possession by reviewing horror films and providing updates on activity in my house puzzles and saddens me.  I am heartened to hear your concern for my well being, though.  I'm sure when I next speak with Perry Groten, I'll discover you have contacted KELO to complain as well because you see, they approached me and asked if they could do the story, therefore, the real promotion was done by them.  I can only suggest that if my blog disturbs you that you no longer visit it.  I have no doubt you will likewise be watching either KSFY or KDLT in the future.  Do I think demonic spirits are real?  Yes, yes I do.  Do I sit at home and play with a Ouija board by myself or chant spells from the Necronomicon?  I do not.  Why?  Because I'm not a moron.

Now the next comment came from someone who says they once lived in this house and seems to believe I have a "scheme" going on here.  I'd like to know exactly what this "scheme" is.  The word itself means "a plan or program of action."  Technically, everything you do is a scheme of some kind or another.  I digress.  I fear this person is using the word to mean a plan of action intended to defraud or trick someone.  As I previously stated, both KELO and the Argus contacted me.  Neither paid me for their respective interviews.  I wouldn't have taken money if they did, and I don't conduct paid tours.  The only thing I can think of is that this person feels the blog itself is a "scheme."  If true, to what end?  I'm a novelist.  If I wanted to create a haunted house out of thin air, I'd sure make it a heck of a lot more active and scary than it is.  The main reason for this blog can be found in the comment left by Rachel.  She's experiencing activity in her home and found a place where she can ask for advice.  If I write this blog for 20 more years and in the end all I have to show for it is the gratitude of one person, then it's more than worth it.  But back to the comment...I won't bring up that "hardly doubt" doesn't mean what the poster thinks it means.  That the window never opened by itself is a fair statement.  I've lived here for well over a year and it didn't start opening on its own until a few weeks ago.  I'll conclude by saying I do know who this poster is but won't go any further than that.  I will say that this comment surprised me a great deal. 

Anonymous #2 echoes what I hinted at earlier.  Spirits react differently to different people.  Since they were once people, it's not hard to understand that spirits may like certain tenants and dislike others.  It doesn't mean anything, really.  It just is. 

Anonymous #3 wants my address so they can visit in order to discern if there is actually anything here.  As I've previously indicated, both an experienced paranormal investigation team and a psychic/medium have visited my home.  Yes, there is actually something here.  If you're wondering why I don't give out my address, then that means you're not a cynical person and I hope you remain as such. 

I apologize for the length of this entry, but I felt it necessary to afford these comments a certain measure of attention they wouldn't have received if I'd just replied by posting a comment myself.  I promise, though, I will bring you the review of the Greek zombie movie next. 

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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