Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haunted House Investigation...The Reveal

Terry and A.J. from SPCTR stopped by today. You know how when sometimes the Ghosthunters on TV have to tell a homeowner that they found nothing on the audio or video footage after conducting a paranormal investigation? Well, Terry and A.J. didn't have to worry about that with me. They brought along their laptop computer as well a printed, three-page report and a copy of the findings on DVD for me to keep. As I've said before, professional.

So what did they find? There were six video clips, all showing a variety of moving orbs of light. SPCTR discounts 99.9% of orbs as dust particles or bugs. These six fit into the remaining 0.1% and cannot be readily explained. One of the six intriqued the group more than the others because it seems to emit its own light. My favorite is the one captured on the camera in the backyard. I've been trying to upload these video clips into my blog but am having some trouble. I'll keep trying.

That reminds me, Terry and A.J. informed me that the extent of the technical difficulties they had that night went further than I thought. Apparently, two perfectly good digital voice recorders totally burned out along with the LCD monitor that also bit the dust. I was also told that most of the digital photos Melissa snapped that night came out blurry for no discernable reason.

And then there's the audio footage. This is where it gets creepy. They brought along 10 audio clips of different sounds captured on the digital recorders. Yes, there are some EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) as well as footsteps and other oddities. The voices and what they say are...strange. Two bother me quite a bit. No, they don't say, "You're going to die!" or "Get out!" so at least I got that going for me. I will be doing my best to figure out how to upload the audio as well.

When I asked Terry what his overall impression of my house was, he explained that they don't label houses as haunted or not but rather present the evidence and let the homeowner decide. He did say "interesting" quite a lot and I started to think that this might be code. Anyway, what doubts I may have had as to whether or not my house is haunted have been put to rest.

Video and audio evidence will be forthcoming.

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