Sunday, October 3, 2010

Haunted House Update...

I spent a couple of hours with two gentlemen from SPCTR today. (The ghosthunter guys.) It was an initial interview and basic house walk-through. We went over what activity happened where and they got a general impression of the place, including baseline EMF readings. As it turns out, my house does not harbor high levels of electromagnetic fields so we ruled that out as a cause for the creepy feelings of being watched. They left a digital recorder going the whole time and took pics of every room. They emailed me back tonight to let me know they found nothing of interest after reviewing the data. One thing that was of interest, though, was that while taking the pics, they noticed the camera's battery was half drained after taking only about 11 pics. The battery had been fully charged. The next step is a full-blown investigation. Probably next weekend.

I would like to mention that the two gents I met with today were professional in every way, answered every question I asked (even the stupid ones), and explained in detail how they operate and what will happen during an investigation. They really do put you at ease. It's nice to be able to talk to people about this kind of stuff and not have them roll their eyes or patronize you. So if you have strange doings in your home but are afraid to tell anyone about it, contact SPCTR. You can contact them by going to You won't be sorry.

Now, as for recent activity...I have a touch lamp in my living room and when I left for work yesterday, it was not on. When I got home, it was on. No one else could have touched it when I was gone. Oh, and I did hear some knocking the other night when trying to sleep. The thing about the knocking and creaking sounds...I hardly pay attention to it anymore because I hear them all the time. It's like if you live next to train tracks, eventually you don't even hear it go by.

One other interesting thing I learned today is that a local radio station wants to tag along with SPCTR if they do an investigation. Not really sure what to think about that. The station hasn't contacted me yet, so I don't know where that might go. I'm sure it has to do with a Halloween promotion or something. We'll see.

As always, I'll keep you posted.

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