Friday, October 8, 2010

Haunted House Update...

Heard from Travis from SPCTR today and confirmed the investigation for this weekend. I was told a local radio station wants to tag along so I emailed them and long as they don't give out my address or name on the air. With Halloween coming, the last thing I want is to be pummeled with requests to visit my haunted house. I already had one guy offer me money to spend the night (now that's creepy). He said he wanted to see a ghost. I hated to tell him that you can't summon paranormal activity on a whim and expect to get it. And that's what concerns me. We've all seen the episodes of Ghosthunters where they investigate a location that's brimming with activity only to come up empty at the end of the night. I did remove the salt my son had placed on the windows of his room and over the door, thinking this might deter a spirit from communicating. What I want out of the investigation is to learn who this little girl is who's spirit has been seen numerous times and heard by me. Who is she? That my house was moved to its current location and not built here makes finding out nigh on impossible using traditional research methods. Maybe she'll help us out on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

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