Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted House Update...

Where on your list of things to do would watching The Exorcist at midnight in a haunted house fall?  We did that last night.  I hadn't seen that classic in a long time (it's a "watch instantly" selection on Netflix).  There is a reason it's the number one horror movie of all time on most reviewers' lists.  It still gives me willies. 

Anyway, after watching it, I had to to go into the basement to feed my rabbits.  My roommate stayed in the living room.  When I came back up, he looked at me funny.  I guess when I was down there, he heard me walking in the dining room heading back toward the living room.  Rather, he thought it was me.  He heard the footsteps.  Now that I think about it, I thought he was moving around upstairs, but he hadn't been. Later, I had the sensation of being watched again.  Been a while since that's happened.  I'm thinking that whatever shares my house with me got a bit worked up by Linda Blair spewing pea soup all over the place.  Also, we heard an unexplained thump come from the main floor bedroom.  Neither of us felt compelled to investigate.  So who wants to sleep over?

Only seven days until Halloween! 

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