Friday, November 12, 2010

Haunted House Weirdness...

So I went to bed last night and was lying there with my eyes closed.  The bedside lamp was on as usual.  You know how when you close your eyes in the light but can still "see" if something passes in front of that light source?  Well, that happened last night.  Like something moved between me and the lamp and created a shadow.  My eyes popped open and of course there was nothing there.  What's creepy is that the lamp was only about two feet from my head. 

Ok, so there was no one there.  Well, when I closed my eyes again, I suddenly got a headache and starting feeling queasy.  And also got a case of the heebie-jeebies.  Yeah, I know.  Something was in there.  Headache and nausea can be caused by high electromagnetic fields and the presence of a spirit can cause those fields to spike.  So...what did I do?  I thought of St. Michael, mentally asked him to keep an eye on things, and fell asleep.  I was very tired.

By the way, the window was open again yesterday.  I haven't checked today.  Hold on...nope.  It's still closed.  I have family coming down on Sunday, including young nieces and even younger nephew.  I've been told my nephew is fascinated by the idea of a window that opens itself.  He said he wants to watch it open.  It would be my luck that the window would pop open as soon as he walked into the room.  I know for a fact they'd all freak and never visit again.  Having a haunted house, I'm learning, can have unforeseen consequences. 

Anyway, got a new zombie flick on the way via Netflix as well as a classic tale of supernatural mayhem.  Reviews will be forthcoming.

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