Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haunted House Update

Things that go bump in the night.

It was like this:  A couple of nights ago, I'd taken a shower and then proceeded to veg out in front of the tube watching a never-ending marathon of Ninja Warrior.  I know.  I need help.  Anyway, about two hours after the shower, I'm sitting here, my partner's sitting in his chair and then BANG! from the bathroom.  That I hadn't shat myself still surprises me quite a little.  So we looked at each other, waited, and then at about the same time said, "What the frack was that?"  Only we didn't say "frack." 

You know how when you hear something so loud and so out of the ordinary that you have no compulsion to investigate right away?  I just sat there, running possibilities through my head instead of growing a pair and getting off my duff.  I did, finally, and poked my head in the head.

I saw nothing odd.  Unless you'd consider the 70s-era, butt-ugly tub and vanity as odd.  They are and I do, however I saw nothing to explain the bang.  When I slid open the door to the shower/tub, that's when I saw it.  The new bottle of body wash was laying on the floor of the tub.  Not a big deal, right?  A little water and the thing went hydroplaning, like a bottle of beer on a wet bar top.  Uh,  no.  No possible.  Not to mention I've taken a shower in this house every day for almost two years and that's never happened.  And it was loud.  Like slammed down loud.  I hadn't left it near the edge.  It was practically full so shifting air currents or the closing of the shower door couldn't have jostled it. 

So what to make of it.  Maybe there is a logical explanation for it.  I can't find one, though.  One of the previous residents of this house told me that she had experienced a lot of paranormal activity in that bathroom.  I never have.  Until now.  I just have to keep myself from thinking too much about whether or not I have a Peeping Tom ghost.  Gross.

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