Friday, July 8, 2011

Haunted House Update

There's been some weirdness.  I'll start with last night.  The fluorescent light above my kitchen sink burned out so I bought a new one.  It's one of those where you have to snap the plastic panel cover on over the bulb.  Not terribly difficult and not easy to screw up.  I didn't.  So after a shower, I came out and immediately noticed the front door was ajar.  It had been locked.  I take a step toward the door and suddenly hear a racket in the kitchen.  I thought maybe my partner had dropped a dish or something in the sink (he's downstairs fast asleep, by the way).  I closed and locked the door and headed to the kitchen.  In the sink lay the cover of the light fixture that I had securely snapped on.  No logical explanation comes to mind.  Freaked me out a bit.

Then there was the thing a week or so ago.  In my bedroom, I have one of those small air purifiers that plugs into the wall.  (I need white noise to sleep).  Anyway, I've had this thing for years.  I plug it in and it stays snug against the wall.  It doesn't even wiggle.  So I do what I always do, turn it on and get into bed.  After about ten minutes, when I'm just starting to drift off, there's a loud noise that jolts me awake and scares the crap out of me.  I get up and look around.  On the floor, about a foot from the plug-in, lay the air purifier.  No way that could have happened on its own.

I still get the thumps and creaks and footsteps off and on.  And a few times in past few weeks I'd catch something out of the corner of my eye that I think is a person, but there's no one there.  That's annoying.  Makes me think I'm going buggy.  Of course, if I actually saw a fully formed apparition right in front of me, I'd probably pee myself.

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