Sunday, November 25, 2012

Haunted House Update

I've neglected my duties as paranormal reporter.  Let's blame the holiday.  So one new thing involves the bathroom shower curtain.  I slide it closed after I shower.  Always.  The other day, after I'd gone to work, David noticed the curtain was open and pulled it closed.  He thought it odd I left it open.  I didn't.  Later, he saw that the curtain he'd pulled closed mere hours earlier now stood halfway open...and that the towel hanging from the towel bar was seriously askew when it had been nicely squared and balanced before.  Freaked him out a little.

The night before Thanksgiving, I'm in bed trying to sleep when the voices started up again.  Got the bedside lamp on, of course, and a fan running on low for white noise.  No TV or radio  going, nobody else awake inside or out.  I couldn't make out words.  It sounded like a muffled conversation coming from behind a closed door.  And it didn't let up until I fell asleep.  I've heard these voices before but it's been a while.  I really need to get a digital voice recorder.

I priced camcorders with night vision capabilities the other day.  How do these ghost hunting groups afford this equipment?  Holy crap.

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