Sunday, July 28, 2013

Haunted House Update

Well, the walls haven't started bleeding yet.  I'm not waking up at 3:15 every morning with thoughts of murder and suicide.  Neither have I seen a full-bodied apparition.  So does my lack of updates mean my house is no longer haunted? 

I'm writing because the last few days have been interesting.  Mostly it's the banging.  As if someone was in the basement pounding on a wall.  It's happened a number of times in the past months.  Not like polite, front door knocking either.  More like, pay-attention-to-me-dammit, knocking.  I searched the house and can find no obvious source. 

Then there are the shadows.  I sometimes see shadows move out of the corner of my eye.  Happened yesterday in the kitchen, but I've seen them in almost every room.  No idea what they are. 

I tried sleeping with the light off a few nights ago, and like usual, just after dozing off, I'm awakened by the feeling someone is in room and creeping closer to the bed.  I turned the light back on and then slept fine.  A week or so before that, also in my bedroom, I'm awake but trying to sleep and hear someone say, "What?"  Sounded like the same voice the ghost hunter guys recorded when they were here. 

And finally, I went around the house with a new digital camera snapping photos and picked up an orb or two.  Not terribly exciting but paranormal is paranormal. 

I'm of two minds when it comes to the low level of activity in my house.  On the one hand, it's great to not be freaked out and constantly scared.  On the other, it would be nice to have awesome experiences to post.  Yeah.  Not freaked out is better. 

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