Sunday, June 4, 2017

Haunted House Update

The activity in my house lately has been so crazy, Stevie Ray Vaughn could have written a song about it.  My house is rockin', just not in that super groovy, kick-ass partying way.  No, mine is rockin' on an altogether different level, a level of such paranormal intensity that I question the logic of staying.

Most recently, yesterday in fact, while standing in my living room in broad daylight, I witnessed a black mass dart from the corner towards the front door.  It was large and incredibly fast and gave me the impression it was not pleased to be disturbed.

A few days earlier I was in my backyard preparing the firepit for a get-together with friends.  The darkness was nearly absolute, however, when I turned to walk back to the house, a figure appeared perhaps 20 feet from me, standing in front of my roommate's bedroom window.  I saw the shape of a head, shoulders and torso and it was darker than the surrounding darkness.  I glanced down to check my footing on the stone steps.  When I looked back up, it was gone.  Since then, that area of my yard feels colder than any other location.

Two days ago, an overnight guest heard something say, "Hey" to him in the middle of the night.

Last night, my roommate heard a growling noise at the doorway to the bathroom.  In that same bathroom last night, a friend saw a shadow moving behind the shower curtain and became...concerned.  There was no one in the shower.

There's an app that allows spirits to manipulate an electronic dictionary in order to communicate.  I ran this app last night.  Two friends left to run to a convenience store.  I asked they bring me a Gatorade.  As soon as they returned, the word FIERCE appeared in the app.  I didn't know it, but my friend had bought me a Powerade called Fierce.

Most activity is centered around my roommate who reports experiencing something odd on a daily basis.  She has a unique name and the other day a deep male voice uttered that name to her.  The house was empty except for me, and I was in the shower.  She sees the black mass regularly and has seen the full body apparition of a male spirit.  She can't sit in the living room during the early morning hours around 4:00 am because the activity becomes too intense.

Of course the footsteps, knocks and taps, door knob rattles, opening/closing doors, and whispers continue almost daily but have become so routine that we barely notice them anymore.

So...who's up for a sleep over?

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  1. Interesting and scary one, Have a look on mine also