Thursday, April 29, 2010

They're here...

My house is haunted. Boy, that looks strange written down. I bought the house last year. It was built in 1941, has a great deal of square footage, and a neat terraced backyard. There’s also an old fashioned stone fireplace. Cool, huh?
My bedroom is upstairs on the 2nd floor and from the first night, I knew something wasn’t right. I’ve never had problems turning out all the lights and going to bed. This place…Look, I’m an adult and not a simpleton. There’s no logical reason for me not to turn out the light and go to sleep. Only I can’t. It’s like…ok, you know the trick they use in horror movies where the hapless, soon-to-be corpse has his flashlight go out while exploring the spooky abandoned insane asylum only to have it pop back on and reveal the psycho killer standing right in front of him, hook/knife/chainsaw/machete/axe dripping blood and poised to get busy on his ass? It’s like that. If I turn out my light, the part of my brain that is still six years-old knows for a fact that creepy clowns, drooling demons, and malignant monsters will crawl out from underneath my bed and eat me. I’m not terribly proud of this, and my house sure doesn’t help. I was getting dressed in my room one day and heard someone walk up the stairs, no doubt about it. Not a big deal, right? Well, the only other person in the house, my partner, was in the basement fast asleep on the futon. Hmm. He later told me (over six months after we moved in) that he always feels like he’s being watched. Doesn’t bother him. Freaks me the hell out, mainly because I've felt watched as well. Only a week ago the garage door kept opening and closing on its own. Not exactly Poltergeist but also not what you would call normal. I watch those reality ghost hunting shows on TV and think they’re great. I could never understand why these folks whose lives are constantly hassled by spirits don’t just pack up and move. I do now. So…anyone know the number for T.A.P.S?

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  1. E-E-E-E-E-E-E-K!!

    I don't think T.A.P.S. wants anyone to know how to reach them by phone - do you s'pose that's because there is more of this going on than anyone knows??