Saturday, May 1, 2010

No morons need apply...

Yet another story where an infant was left in a hot car and died. You forget your cell phone or maybe wallet in your car. Not your child. It got me to be allowed to operate a motor vehicle, you must prove to the state you aren't blind and won't drive your car into trees. In order to practice medicine you must endure many years of school and training. This is to prove you are slightly more likely to remove the appendix instead of the liver than, say, a pig farmer. But to be a parent? All that is required is a penis, vagina, and usually some tequila. No one will argue that few things are more important than bringing a new life into the world. Why, then, are there not laws or even regulations in place to prevent morons from reproducing? Is it a God-given right? God says to be fruitful and multiply, doesn't He? Fair enough. But where is it written in any religious text that once you've accomplished the aforesaid multiplication it's perfectly all right to abuse, neglect, or kill your offspring? Maybe there's a verse in Leviticus I overlooked, but I don't think so. So what's the answer? Easy. Prospective parents must submit to extensive psychological and intelligence testing as well as parenting classes. And if a couple procreate without completing the required tests and courses? Take their child away and give it to parents who aren't stupid enough to leave it in a car on a hot day.

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  1. I had a lot of those same thoughts when we were in the adoption process with Sydney. We had to be fingerprinted, CPR certified, take parenting classes, go through a home study...if everyone had to go through this to become a parent, there would be a lot less kids in the world.