Sunday, June 6, 2010

Horror Film Review

Severed (2005): Zombie flick! You always hear reviewers say "new twist" when describing original zombie films and that bothers me. What's new? Dead folks rise from the dead and try to eat the live folks. But this one...I have to say it is a new twist. Ready for it? Zombie loggers and zombie tree-huggers. Sound like a recipe for gleeful mayhem? It's not. Logging company on a remote island genetically screwing with trees to make them mature faster. A guy chainsaws into one, gets some sap mixed with his blood, and voila. There are anti-logging hippie types hanging around so plenty of zombie fodder. The thing about this movie that surprised me was how serious the filmmakers took the subject. Like with Romero's films, Severed focuses more on the fallibility of humans than anything else but without the humor. Genuine tension and suspense I hardly ever see in zombie movies is present and welcome. It is kind of heavy and emotional as well, although not in a bad way. You find yourself caring about some of the characters instead of taking bets on who's going to get chewed on next. The gore isn't gratuitous so those of you with a weak stomach have no excuse to avoid it.

Rating:  3 out of 5

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