Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes, it's back...

Chelsea came over last night for a check-up of sorts. She was accompanied by her cousin who has a knack for capturing paranormal images on her camera phone. My mother and a cousin of mine were also in attendance. Chelsea sat in a chair with her back to the wall the living room shares with my son's room. I could tell immediately she was uncomfortable about something. I asked and she said that yes, there was a negative presence and yes, it was attached to my son. She didn't think it was the same one as before or if it was, it had become stronger. Within minutes, she heard something hiss in her ear and would hear it again a number of times throughout the evening.

Chelsea, her cousin, and I went into my son's room. Chelsea felt unwell and became unsteady. I got a headache and felt like I was on a boat in rough seas. Chelsea's cousin tried snapping some pics but her camera was acting up. She said it's never given her trouble before. When it finally did work, the pics freaked her out. She'd shoot one wall and get nothing but blackness with a pinpoint of light in the middle. She'd move camera and shoot the corner of the room and it would be fine. Well, fine is relative given that the pic turned out looking like it was shot in the basement of an abandoned insane asylum. A little later, she and I returned to the room. She shot the same wall and it was fine. I then asked my son to come in. She took the exact same pic but this time it was all dark and fuzzy. Again with the freak out. She forwarded the pics to my phone because she didn't want them on hers. Yes, I'll post them.

Anyway, Chelsea got in touch with my cousin's deceased father which was quite emotional. I found out a few things about my own father I never knew before. My mom found out she has three female and one male spirit around her. The male is more likely than not my brother who also tends to hang around me. son.

Chelsea suggested he meditate every day to push away the negativity that feeds the entity attached to him. He also has to cleanse his room, which involves opening the windows and washing down the walls first with regular cleaner and then with lemon juice while saying only positive energy is allowed in. Then the salt. Lines of salt across the windows and door and in each corner. And if all of this doesn't work, Chelsea says the next step is calling in a minister to do a blessing.

Oh, yeah. Turns out my room's clean, so the voice of the little girl...who knows. You'd think the story would end there. It doesn't.

So my son's cleaning his room tonight. Washing walls, etc. I'm upstairs getting laundry together. He calls up to me. I come down. On his wall (the wall shared with the living room) and right behind where Chelsea sat last night is a dirty handprint. So what, right? My son must have put it there or maybe even me. Well, no. You see, it's the handprint of a child...

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