Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haunted House Investigation Update...

Terry, one of the members of SPCTR who investigated my house last weekend, sent me an email to let me know they've finished analyzing the video and audio footage. He said they have some things for me to look at and listen to. Given their penchant for erring on the side of caution when it comes to explaining possible paranormal activity (i.e. orbs are actually dust particles) this could be a very interesting meeting. No, he didn't go into any detail. Just like on TV, I have to wait for the "reveal."

I should also mention that activity since they were here has been light...except for the inexplicable stench of death in my son's room. The smell wasn't there before SPCTR arrived that night and started just before they left. Unless one of the team members hid a dead animal in there (probably not), I can't explain it. And I'm out of Febreeze.


  1. I am very curious to actually know the story of your haunted house. I know you have a blog of everyday actions, but I want to know about what happened to make your house haunted in the first place. Where do I find that?
    Thank you,
    Very Curious Jurena

  2. I'd like to know how it became haunted as well. The problem is that this house is 70 years old and wasn't built on the land where it now sits. The previous residents rented, and I've never known the previous owner. If I do learn anything, I'll be sure to post the information.

  3. What has happened to you and your son? I noticed something about a hand print on your son's back? Can you tell of some things that have personally affected you and your son?